Bruce E. Durocher II (bedii) wrote,
Bruce E. Durocher II

Ever feel like you're driving the clown car?

Just got through a morning of fun phone stuff. My fine tuning depends on a series of treatments being completed first, which was delayed by surgery for an abscess. I had been told that my treatment two weeks ago was the final one for the series: turns out there was another scheduled for today that we didn't know about. Meanwhile, the surgeons office called to verify my pre-admission on Monday, followed by surgery Tuesday. Margaret got the doctor handling the treatments on the line to ask if we should come in today for treatment since surgery was being scheduled for Tuesday and he was shocked: normally they tell the surgeons when the process is finished so the surgery can be done four weeks later, so what must have happened is that the surgeons have been sticking to the original schedule from months ago without checking for updates. So: I go in and meet with the surgeon tomorrow and probably will be rescheduled for the middle of the month. We think. Perhaps. Maybe. (Basically, somebody's rolling dice down here, and we're waiting to see how many spots are on the side I'm strapped to.)
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